Here are a few points to help you pitch your Telos tent perfectly:

1. Once you have inserted the ends of the poles into the color-coded pole feet, rotate the Tension Ridge pole so its ends point upwards. Then attach the base of the TR pole to the inner tent using the connector (marked with light blue webbing). Finally, attach the inner tent to the poles using the clips.

2. When deploying the rainfly, first orient the fly so the color-coded 'C' clips align with the aluminum pole feet. To attach the rainfly to the Tension Ridge pole, open the doors of the vestibule 6" / 15cm from the top downwards - this will allow you to reach in and guide the Hypalon pocket over the ends of the pole.

Here's a video showing how to pitch the Telos:

3. Add guylines to your Telos if you expect winds (or wind gusts) beyond 20 mph / 30 kph. Use two shorter (dark grey)  attachable guylines at the foot end and two longer (light grey) guylines at the head end. Attach them to the loops with the reflective strip in the seams of the rainfly.

4. In wet weather, pitch the foot end into the wind. In warm weather, pitch the head end into the wind so the Apex vents can work like air scoops.

5. Do not over-tension the corner webbing tensioners: cinch them down only until the rainfly is taut (but not tight).

6. In boggy ground or on surfaces with sharp or abrasive elements, use a Footprint:

- Telos Light Foot

- Telos Big Foot



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