The following care instructions apply to all of our liners, Silk, Silk/Cotton, Polyester (Reactors and Adaptors) and poly-cotton (Adaptors):

Machine wash in cold to warm water. No special soaps are necessary. If you use a top-loader washing machine, it is a good idea to put the liner in a bag which will prevent the drawcord from snagging in the agitator/impeller

Be sure to avoid fabric softeners, as these will compromise the wicking ability of the liner.

If you have a Coolmax Liner treated with Insect Shield (this is a product only available in the US), it can be laundered up to 25 times without washing out the Insect Shield treatment.


Air drying is preferable for all liners.

Silk  may be damaged by the heat of a dryer (laundromat dryer thermostats are notoriously unreliable) - we would therefore recommend only air-drying for silk liners.


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